Wage Compensation Scheme
  • Wage Compensation Scheme for Pregnant Women of Tea Garden Areas of Assam was inaugurated on 1st October 2018, under the State Health Budget.

  • Under the scheme a cash benefit of Rs.12,000/- is provided to each pregnant woman of tea garden areas in four installments so that she can better look after herself and her unborn baby without compromising the livelihood of her family.

  • All pregnant women residing in Tea garden areas are eligible for the scheme. The pregnant women may be Temporary worker, permanent worker or non-worker – all are eligible.

  • Each Pregnant woman will receive a cash benefit of Rs.12,000/- in four instalments that she can use for her health and nutrition.

    • -> 1st Installment - Rs 2000/- at the time of registration within 1st trimester.
    • -> 2nd Installment - Rs 4000/- during 6th month of pregnancy.
    • -> 3rd Installment - Rs. 3000/ - at the time of institutional delivery at Government Health Institutions.
    • -> 4th Installment - Rs 3000/ at six week post delivery.
  • NOTE : The scheme is available for only upto 2 children and for women over 18 years of age.

Collaboration between IIIT-Hyderabad & Oxfam India